Molly Babies Galore!

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Mum, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Mum

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    My Butterfly Molly had her fry last night. I caught them, then moved them five by five... 69 total!! Only 3 were admidst the rocks dead, and I'm sure the other 4 Mollies and the ADF made a snack of some too. Lol.

    So that's 85 fry now. Lol. 15 from my silver lyretail, 1 from my Dalmatian, and the new 69.


    Anyone know now how long all these fry can keep in a 10 gallon before their bio load overruns them? The water parameters are good right now...
  2. Tonia

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    How big is the tank that the parents are in? You want to keep them away from the parent fish until they can't fit in their mouths or the mouths of any other fish in the tank. This may mean adopting a 2nd 10 gallon so that you will have enough room if you wish to keep all the babies. Do you have a pet store that will be taking some of them when they are larger?
  3. OP

    MumValued MemberMember

    My main tank is 30 gallons. But I was not planning to move any of the fry back, since the plan was not to keep any from the first batches of unknown mating sources.

    I was just wondering how long until their bio load would start becoming a problem with 85 fry in one 10 gallon tank. Ideas of how many fry people have kept before in a single tank would help... I rather get an idea before my water parameters start to go south.
  4. fishy1

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    My female molly fish gave birth to 80 babies about two months ago (check out my videos)
    I keep a ratio of 8-10 frys per 5 gallon.
    at the first two weeks i had many deaths incidents, but since things are going much better for the frys:
    they seems happy, growing each week and started getting their colors and adults signs.
  5. OP

    MumValued MemberMember

    Yeah, all of mine swarm around when I feed and even the smaller ones have a good appetite. I check them religiously and so far no deaths, although I have found some good hiders in the adult tank.
  6. Nickynack

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    I had 13 in a 6g until they got big enough for the LFS