Molly About To Burst? Question

  1. JustRo Initiate Member

    DF62AFE7-955A-49FE-B432-9E4049B339C0.jpeg I have a molly that is still very young and it looks like she is about to burst! She was bred from a creamsicle lyretale molly and a dalmation molly so I’m not sure it shes pregnant or somehow a balloon Molly.
    She is only an inch big with a very round belly
    I feed the fry Omega One fish flakes and they are in a 30 gallon tank
    Please help
  2. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    Yes she's pregnant and about to give birth. If you want to keep the fry you can separate her into a separate breeder box or something similar. She looks more like a guppy, though
  3. JustRo Initiate Member

    It is a molly and she has a sailfin and lyretail. But she was just born a few months ago so its really strange she is pregnant.
    I had a molly that was 1 year old and she died giving birth.
  4. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    Livebearers will breed very soon after birth, sometimes just 2-3 months
  5. JustRo Initiate Member

    She died.
  6. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    Really? Were you switching the water in her container?
  7. JustRo Initiate Member

    I didnt do anything except move her into a mesh breeder box for the “fry.”

    But when I looked at her it looked more like dropsy actually... Her scales were kind of protruding but not a lot.
  8. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    They were? That looked like pregnancy.. Huh.. Just watch for other signs of that in other fishes.
  9. JustRo Initiate Member

    Her bladder looked very strange also, like swollen and reddish
  10. BiggerIsBetta Member Member

    The swim bladder of a fish stretches across the entire caudal area, and in the picture of looks normal.
  11. AQUA_LOVER Member Member

    I find that dropsy starts to look like pregnancy before the fish starts pineconing. I had a problem for a while and it turned out to be camallanus worm. Just watch out for any other signs of sickness.