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  1. Maida_gc

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    I see a lot of members have and like their Mollies - but I would love to know more from actual owners rather than general articles. Tips, Water Conditions, Community, etc etc. I saw some great dalmation Mollys and Orange Tail Marble Mollys that looked Great. Black ones seem like a great addition as well. Much appriciated.
  2. rob2uk

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    I've got 3 dalmation mollies.

    They're very active and seem pretty intelligent - they're able to distinguish between me and the other people who live here.

    They are very greedy though, they eat far more than their fair share!
  3. newbie101

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  4. joe

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    I have a silver molly and a sailfin molly. Rob is right they eat a ton. :D

  5. 0morrokh

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    Mollies need a lot of salt in their water, so there are not many suitable tankmates. Many experts recommend keeping them in species tanks. Other livebearers can tolerate high levels of salt (and benefit from a little, but dion't need it like Mollies do).
  6. Jason

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    Apparently they can acclimatized to full saltwater, but these days they're bred in tanks without salt and therefore have adapted to life without it. They could be kept easily in a communtiy aquarium.
  7. kitty

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    i have 2 dalmation mollys and 2 swordtails together and they get along fine.
    its great to watch them eat because of their funny lips! but the male sometimes chases around the female :( and also...they will eat anything and everything! they are pigs! :)
  8. rob2uk

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    My point exactly!

    I have 3 in my community tank, which has no salt in it.

    The mollies have given me less trouble than any of the others ;D
  9. lokky.funky

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    Mollies are my favourite even from my school days. They are like puppies. I like my black mollies soooooo much.

    Whenever I feed them, it is as if I'm looking at two black puppies begging for food.

    And my sunrise sailfin molly is a beautiful fish. Would like to see him his sailfin fully grown. He is the boss of his tank. He chases the others around when it comes to meal time :D

    They are great to watch.
  10. lokky.funky

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    He is so dominant on the others except over the newly added swordtail female. I donno why he is so afraid of her. He drops his sailfin and acts as if he is so afraid of her.

    May be they will have to sort out certain things before becoming friends.. haa haaaa
  11. wei0204

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    I have about 15 adult mollys, combination of silver, orange, black n mixture of colours. And in my fry tank I have more than 50 babies (Molly & Guppy).

    I love to rear Molly a lot as it is easy to take care of, and the most lovely part is, when u have a tank of different types of Molly, U could expect to have different colours of new babies...