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    So while I'm rather new to aquarium keeping and whatnot, I've dabbled a bit for about two years now. Right now I have an overstocked tank due to a housemate dropping "rescued" fish off into my tank, and of course, that introduced ich into my tank. Lovely, right?

    I'm currently treating the ich using Nix-Ich by Weco, and while I prefer not to use meds and instead use the heat and salt method, I have to go back to college on Sunday and thus I won't be able to finish the heat method in time. A friend will be finishing the ich treatment for me with the gravel vacs and water changes.

    I checked my water parameters today before water change and a dose of nox-ich, and they were as follows: <0.2 ammonia, 180 gH, 80 kH, 20 nitrate and 0 nitrite, 7.0 pH. Everything looks good to me.

    I have the following fish in the tank: 3 mixed silver calico mollies, 1 silver molly, 5 mixed platties, 1 male betta (no torn fins and he's been there for 3 weeks!), 3 swordtails, and 2 african dwarf frogs.

    Unfortunately, my three silver calico mollies have the shimmies! Well, two of them do. The silver molly doesn't though, which I thought was weird. And none of the platties or swordtails have the shimmies either. My little calico's are swimming and eating like normal though.

    I have done a 25% water change now and added a very small amount of aquarium salt per some advice I found from this forum on Google. Is there anything else I can do? Is it lethal? Could it be from the ich?

    I feel like my poor babies are suffering and I feel horrible :(

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    Welcome to Fishlore, hope you get some responses today

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    under a rock
    The cause of the "shimmies" is usually water related.
    Do you test your water parameters?
    Do you use prime? Try adding some carbon in a bag to the tank and doing PWC's and testing the water.
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