Mollies and possible new additions


I currently have a 10 gallon tank with 3 mollies. I am moving this summer and am going to upgrade my tank. Initially I was thinking I want to upgrade to a 20 gallon and possibly add one more molly for a total of 4. Now I’m thinking that I want a 29 gallon and to add either more mollies or some other fish. My question is since I’ve had these three fish together their entire lives (about 4 months) would it be too much stress / a bad idea to add more mollies or other fish with them? Additionally how many mollies could I have in a 29 gallon or any recommendations of what I could/should add with my 3 mollies in a 29 gallon tank?

I’m not sure what forum topic this would be under but additionally does anyone have advice on the best way to move an aquarium? It’s less than an hour trip.

Thanks for any advice!


Mollies can get quite nippy but a faster fish like tetras and bottom dwellers should be fine.
Are all the mollies the same gender? Adding new ones with them in a 29g should be fine but beware that they breed like crazy.
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