Mollies And Platys

  1. KyleJ Initiate Member

    I currently have guppies and platys in my tank. I am wanting to add mollys as well, which I understand is perfectly fine, but I have heard Molly's do tend to get a little more aggressive and also like a bit of salt in the water. Would they be ok without salt? I want a very calm tank with very little aggression/stress. Thoughts?
  2. ChuthuluFish Member Member

    what is the tank size?

    and how many fish?

  3. KyleJ Initiate Member

    50 gal. Currently 6 neon tetras. 3 platys. 2 guppies. I also have 6 glofish tetras, but if I got the Molly's I would give the 6 glofish away. They actually are being more aggressive than I anticipated. (water quality good).
  4. ChuthuluFish Member Member

    :)should work maby 3-5female mollys

  5. KyleJ Initiate Member

    Right on. Do you think I could pull it off even with the 6 glofish? Or is that getting over crowded. Thanks for the replies by the way.
  6. ChuthuluFish Member Member

    I think the stock would be really close to full but might would problyy work
  7. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    What gender are your current guppies?

  8. F15FreeEagle Member Member

    And I'm sure you're also well aware that there is almost a 100% probability that you will sooner or later have fry in your aquarium. Unless of course you have all males, which I'm not sure I would really recommend.
  9. KyleJ Initiate Member

    Yes. I am ok and aware of fry. BottemDweller- The two guppies I have currently are both males.
  10. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    If you currently have male guppies then I would get male mollies. Mollies and guppies can breed with eachother and is more likely to happen if you have all males of one type as they have no females of their own kind to breed with. If you get female mollies then the guppies will probably harass them.