Mollie fry not swimming ?

Discussion in 'Molly' started by naomi_l5, May 20, 2006.

  1. naomi_l5New MemberMember

    Hi ya'll,

    i have about 20 mollie fry so far black - ( about a month old) and white - (3 months old) !!

    all are fine apart from one which is about 3 months old he was fine before but recently he just sits at the bottom of the tank and cant seem to swim up to the top of the tank when he does he just seems to fall backwards/sideways ? it all seemed to happen when i done their weekly water change kept to all the right routine etc and since then he seems to be detoriating, his top fin is clamped and seems to drag himself along the bottom of the tank ?

    thank u if ne1 has ne ideas !!

  2. leafgirl115Valued MemberMember

    I sonds like he may have some fin damage. Is he eating? You will wont to seperate him if his fins/tale look ok(if he is sick you dont wont the others to get it). Could you post a picture of him?
  3. mistycheriValued MemberMember

    I had a baby platy that did that, sadly he ended up dieing. Some of the other fry can be kind of brutal to weaker ones. :(
  4. naomi_l5New MemberMember

    i've seperated him from the rest now because this morning he was just led sideways at the bottom of the tank just breathing, he seems a bit better now i've seperated him, i recently put some kind of rocks in there maybe thats why his top fins have gone ? he's not really eating as he cant get to the top... he looks quite bloated aswell ???

    ( i havent got ne pics sorry )
  5. leafgirl115Valued MemberMember

    Id sounds like he is going to pass away im sorry. Its always sad. Its good you seperated him kus my fry/ other fish go after weeker fish. They try and kill them. Just try and keep him comfortable.

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