Mollie died randomly


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Hi everyone, I got home from work and found my Mollie had passed away randomly in my 10 gallon tank. I've had the tank up for about six months. It has a filter and heater. Temp is usually at about 72. Lowest it goes is 68. I had the female dalmatian Mollie, an orange female Mollie and then two baby mollies in a breeder net (sex unknown).

We change the water every other week and were advised to do around 20% water change when we do. There are times we have done more when the water is extra dirty but definitely no more than like 40%. We put the quick start in when we do a water change I think it's 10mL. We were also using Fritz every now and then, but were advised to cut back so we haven't done so in a couple of months. We syphon the rocks as well. The weeks we do not change the water, we change the filter.

We did cycle our tank before adding the fish. We were getting our water tested every week because our nitrates were high when we started our tank, so we took our water to a local fish store. Now we use testing strips at home. I don't have the exact numbers right at the moment, I am going to add another post with them. I'm sorry to not have all of the info.

The fish are fed once a day. A couple of pinches of pellets of aquaeon. I crush up a little pinch of this brand for the babies and feed them this brand as well.

The dalmatian Mollie has been in the tank since we first got it, so around 6 months. I never noticed any symptoms of illness. Earlier today she was hanging out in the back by the heater, but this isn't unusual behavior for her because it was her spot to hang out and where you could find her regularly. The orange Mollie has been in the tank for about 1.5-2 months and the dalmatian has been annoyed with her presence the whole time. We rearranged the tank multiple times and thought the chasing and bullying would stop, but it never really did. The babies in the tank are the orange mollie's we are almost positive. The dalmatian Mollie had babies a few months back, and we were told that sometimes when mollies give birth to multiple litters they can have sudden deaths for no apparent reasons.

I'm wondering basically what the status is of my other fish in the tank. I know it's hard to say without any of the numerical info, but based off of all of this information, are the fish that are left going to be okay? Or are we doomed?

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