Modified Hamburg Mattenfilter With Plants?

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    I thought there was a DIY section so if this is in the wrong place, I apologize. May also post in the plant section to get some different input.

    I have a ten gallon tank with one female beta and some snails. I'm considering, whether this tank or another, adding some shrimp or dwarf crayfish. My YouTube searches on shrimp safe filters brought me to the Hamburg Mattenfilter, in which I am in love with this idea. I would like to combine this along with some other DIY filters I came across in my search. BUT ANYWAY my question revolves around sponges and plants. I also have seen plant walls, or plants planted on mats then suction cupped to a wall.

    Can I plant some plants the length of my sponge? If I got them to attach, like an anubis or java fern, would they get in the way of my filtration? Benefit from it?

    I think it would look so cool and also the shrimp would love it. I'm also looking into purchasing Ponthos but really would like to articulate an underwater plant wall of sorts

    Hamburg Mattenfilter:
    DIY bio shrimp filter:
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    I have a hamberg mattenfilter in my sump. Easiest sump to build.. two 3" thick Poret foam blocks the size (width and depth) of my tank. It will benefit your shrimp a lot. I have had two fry eat entirely off the foam (no additional feeding on my part)and are growing up great. The sponge will trap food particles and be a place for infusoria to grow that your shrimp will pick at.

    As far as plants.. java moss will easily "carpet" one of these. Not sure if java Fern will attach.. probably. Depends on pore size but they will likely do so.