Mixing Wild Caught With Store Bought?

Joe L.

So.. I have a cichlid tank with about 15 mid sized fish. I just recently found a lake where I can catch the Mayan cichlids.. or peacock bass I guess some call them? I caught one and have it in a separate tank alone and he seems to be pretty aggressive compared to the others.. is that because hes from a lake, and not from a breeder? Will he calm down and act more domesticated if I keep em solo for a few days? Lol or should I throw em back?


if he’s smaller than the rest then I would wait for him to calm down and realize he won’t have to compete as hard for food. I know that a Mayan cichlid is different from a peacock bass so I’m just assuming it’s a Mayan cichlid but I warn you they can get HUGE. Id say try it but keep a very close eye on him, because it can be very rewarding, you should put up a picture of him

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