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Mixing Turtles With Fish

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Saltwaterkacey, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. SaltwaterkaceyNew MemberMember

    So i currently have a ten gallon setup with six tetra and a goldfish. I'm buying a larger tank foot my small community, and my son's grandmother buys him turtles. Red stripe turtles .Can i put the turtles in with the fish. Obviously I'd build up one side so they can sun bath and whatnot, but they live mostly in the water. Anybody every tried anything like this before?
  2. jjohnwmWell Known MemberMember

    Are you...or your son's grandmother...aware that those turtles (Red-eared Sliders) can quickly grow to over a foot in shell length? They require a lot of space, as well as a basking area that is completely dry and allows them access to UVB light for healthy growth and development.

    Lots of people will tell you that they will eat your fish. They usually don't do that unless the fish are dead or dying...but the fish soon will be doing so, because turtles add a massive bioload to any tank in which they are kept. Water changes must be massive and frequent, and even then it is difficult to keep the water in a healthy enough state for fish. Filtration needs are extreme, and even with a massive biofilter you will find that nitrates accumulate at an almost unbelievable pace.

    Turtles in general are high-maintenance critters, especially when kept with fish. Red-ears are one of the worse choices in this regard. There are smaller, better choices if you insist on keeping turtles, but do your research before opening up this can of worms.
  3. Patrick MorrisValued MemberMember

    A goldfish is a cold water fish, neon tetras are warm water fish, also those turtles will be a foot long soon, as will the goldfish. I suggest you rehome all the fish and start again, researching first next time.
  4. SaltwaterkaceyNew MemberMember

    Well, i didn't buy the goldfish or the turtles. The just wondering what to do with the turtles. I have done research since i found out. But im not going to risk my fish. I don't even think I'm going to keep the turtles.
  5. SaltwaterkaceyNew MemberMember

    Also, my water temp is 78°f and the goldfish seems to be thriving as well.