Mixing Species ?

  1. meanddoxie

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    Hey, i have an australian redclaw who seems to be lonely and slightly depressed. At the pet store she was housed with an Orange Dwarf Crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis) I believe, as they just have "electric red" written on her tank but she has been there now several months and hasnt grown. She is also starting to look lonely and depressed. I have my Sheila in a clear rubbermaid type contatiner with a cave, heater and pump. I have used this as a pond before and have been calling it an indoor pond since Sheila moved. When full it is 30 gallons. I normally keep it around 20 gallons to prevent escapes.
    So would it be safe to put these two species together? Like I said the store had these two together previously but it has been several months since they lived together. Neither were injured in the store and I have enough things to make many caves and hiding places to recreate territory for them. They floor space would be about 3ft by 2ft.
    If i do get the other crayfish and they get along etc is there a possibility of the two species breeding? Sheila is definitely a girl, I haven't examined the Orange Dwarf to know what its gender is.
    Thoughts PLEASE!
  2. Dolfan

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    I don't think the 2 would breed, as they are different species.

    Why do you say it looks depressed? Just how does a lonely and depressed crayfish look?

    You could try putting them together but they may spar if they run into one another as they can be territorial. Remember the fish store puts fish/inverts in the same tank based on the store's space needs, not because the 2 species do great together. They probably just didn't want to devote another separate tank to crayfish. With that being said, it may work. I have read that Dwarf CPO's tend to do well with other species including shrimp. If you are going to try, I would do it on a day that you are home and can keep an eye on things for a day or 2. And even then you would want to closely monitor things for a few weeks.
  3. OP

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    I've noticed with Sheila that she went from being very active and always redecorating to almost never seeing her and her not caring where i move things or how i arrange them, she is molting so I assume she is otherwise healthy but she seems bored. She doesnt even carry around her ball anymore :( THe Orange at the store is in a similar state, normally it is rather shy and walks around a lot but it hasnt been moving much or redecorating and playing. When I asked the store owner about it she said she wasn't sure what was going on because water parameters are good but it has been acting different. Now where I live in Canada it could be mating season for these guys so they could be more shy naturally because of the increased heat and humidity and the extra rain and thunder etx, i am not sure, but whatever the case noticing behaviour changes in two of them in two seperate locations made me wonder if they are lonely.
    Sheila was most active in my tank but she poked holes in my pleco and they ended up having a territroy war over some driftwood, sheila then proceeded to pull out all the snails from their shells in an angry rage like she was having a tantrum,.. hence her move.