Mixing Regular Aquarium Gravel And Eco-complete Question

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  1. 92Hughes92New MemberMember

    I've had a 40-gallon fish tank for a little over a year now. I currently have regular aquarium gravel on the bottom. I believe it's either the Petsmart Top Fin Aquarium Gravel, or the Imaginarium gravel from PetCo. I didn't know nearly as much as I know now (and still learning daily!) about aquariums when I set this tank up, so while these wouldn't be the substrates I'd choose for a new tank now ... they're kind of what I'm working with.

    The question: I've recently started converting my fake plants to real ones. Kinda the next step for me in my aquarium journey. One of the plants (pictured in the middle) is thriving like crazy in the gravel! I know now, though, from reading online that a nutrient-rich substrate would help other plants grow even more.

    Would it be beneficial to current & future plants if I mixed the aquarium gravel I have now (just normal gravel that I do not believe has nutrients in it), with some of this eco-complete gravel ( )? I'd like to scoop out say, 35-40% of my current gravel, add in eco complete, and create a mixture. Not levels, but actually combine both. Ideally, I would do a 100% change, but I don't want to put my fish through that stress. I don't really have another place to house them while I do a wholesale change, and am worried the move could cause the death of the otto cats & glass catfish.

    Thanks for the advice.

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  2. JamieLuValued MemberMember

    I'm in the same boat as u since I have the colored gravel and fake plants haha. But what kind of plant is that? I didn't know any would thrive in gravel?!
  3. 92Hughes92New MemberMember

    I honestly ... forget the name of it. The local fish store sold it to me & said it was pretty easy to grow/cour survive in most conditions & gravel. Pic below is what it looked like two weeks ago when I first put it in the tank!

    I'm just curious if mixing the two will do anything, or if it will have a marginal, if any, impact on the plants.

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  4. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    I think just adding root tabs would work as well as a different substrate. With root tabs you can put them right where they are needed meaning right under the plant. With them your plants should be fine growing in the gravel you have in there.
  5. 92Hughes92New MemberMember

    Awesome. Thanks!
  6. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    BTW: I LOVE the family photo you have for your avatar. :)
  7. SaltyPhoneWell Known MemberMember

    Agree with Mattgirl some root tabs will be fine if you are going to do easy stem plants or bulbs. Rhizome plants like anubius will feed from the water column. The plant in the pic looks like an Aponogeton not sure the exact variety.

    Footnote to that wait till you see some deficiencies or you’ll end up growing a ton of algae too.