Mixing Mbunas and Peacocks

  1. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Im basically ready to begin adding fish to my new tank and there are peacocks and Mbunas that I am torn between. There seems to be constant debate and conflict on whether you can and can't mix them. This form has some brilliant cichlid keepers and I was wondering if they have any experience or opinions on keeping a mixed African cichlid tank? Are there certain rules that apply to which fish you can mix? Anyone have any tips on how to stop the aggression between the two species?
    Basic tank info:
    Lots of rocks/ hiding areas
    Almost finished a fish less cycle
  2. lol Member Member

    I'm new to keeping cichlids (and basically fish in general) but I think peacocks generally prefer more meat-based foods than mbunas, so it may cause issues with mbunas eating the high-protein foods and getting bloat. That's really all I know about mixing peacocks/mbunas and it may not even be right LOL
  3. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Would it work if I fed more than 1 food, 1 higher protein and one Vegtable based or algae wafers.
    I would probably try to keep 1 Mbuna to every 3 peacocks and make sure that the peacocks are slightly larger than the Mbunas to help them hold their own and spread out aggression, also the Mbunas would be the more peaceful species like yellow labs
  4. TigerStar Initiate Member

    Depends on the Mbunas and Peacocks you mix together. Large, highly aggressive Mbunas should not be mixed with Peacocks, since they can tend to be very territorial, and may give your Peacocks a hard time. Could you post what kind of Mbunas and Peacocks you plan on putting together?
  5. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Deffinetley yellow lab Mbunas
    For the peacock look athttps://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/showthread.php?t=231481 as its not been Id yet (the orange one)
    And im open to suggestions for a third
  6. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

  7. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    Simple answer no, don't mix them I would give a better explanation but in older threads I have cover it multiple times.
  8. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Do you have any links to the old threads
  9. LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    Basically why I wouldn't mix the 2 is the different diets, different tank setups and they have different agression level the most peaceful mbuna is way more agressive then a peacock.
  10. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Ok I will take this into account before I begin stocking
  11. sparkles22 Member Member

    i agree dont do it.. there are some mbuna's that can be quiet mean.. if you really want mbunas a 75G mbuna tank would be awesome
  12. Oliver5672 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, im definitely sticking to Mbuna, I talked to Leo a bit more in another thread and he made some pretty good points
  13. sparkles22 Member Member

    thats awesome.. i'm doing a mixed hap/peacock tank in a 110G... but a mbuna tank is soo in my future...