Mixed Tiger Barb school


I’m setting up a 90g and as things usually go I have changed my mind about 100 times on what’s going inside of it. This weeks flavor is tiger barbs. My question is if I have a mix school of color morphs do I need to make sure there is even numbers to avoid target aggression. If I had like 12 OGs and 3 of the greens would the greens get picked in for standing out?


All i know is they should be able to mix. Haven't seen anything about the numbers. Seeing as technically they are the same species i think you should be fine though. They will all be busy battling for pecking order anyway. Edit: i have always liked the regular OG tiger barbs so i never mixed them myself. For some reason, i don't like the greens
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No problem mixing Tiger Barb color morphs. All will school together.
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I have several color morphs in uneven numbers and they are all fine together.
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