Mixed fish schooling

  1. dahly Member Member

    I had planned on getting 3 black Tetra's to team with my 3 white tetra's and have them school around the tank together. I heard that that may not happen due to the color differences. I hadn't come up with my plan on my own, someone else had suggested it. What's the truth about mixing these two types or commingling other schooling fish? Thanks
  2. Durbkat Member Member

    They should school because I mix my long finned black tetras with my regular tetras and they all swim together.

  3. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    My daughters black, white and albino skirts all hang around together. makes a real pretty picture.
  4. dahly Member Member

    Thanks, I do need to reward the "Hardy Three" for cycling my tank the hard way. Mixing the group is what I'd prefer, but I would not have, if it wouldn't work.

  5. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    So did you name them Aramis, Athos and Porthos(The Three Musketeers)? :D
  6. dahly Member Member

    Amazingly, the tank is cycled in just under two weeks!  I had the water tested yesterday at the fish store 0, 0, 20%.  They didn't have want I wanted to add, so I added 3 silver tipped tetra's.  They said i could wait until I received my "Python" (Monday/Tuesday) before I do a water change and not tho clean the filter (replace the charcoal) until 30 days are up.  All fish are "playing nicely."  My boy's didn't care for the black tetra's, so I'll add more white's.  Thanks for all of your help and advice thus far.  Carol, no I have not named them at all.  But I believe my 3 boy's have.  I am sooo excited!