Missing shrimp?

  1. Chuck Wheat

    Chuck Wheat Valued Member Member

    I put an amano shrimp in my heavily planted 10 gallon tank the other day. He/She has been super active and bouncing all over the place and eating well. It will take its food into some driftwood hideout spots. It hasn't been hiding at all since I put it in and is constantly on the move, and when I feed it gets even more active. I'm assuming this is proper behavior.

    However, today I haven't seen it at all. Everyone else in the tank is acting normal and I even found the single ghost shrimp that I have in there.

    Is it common for them to hide out for any extended period of time? Or is it more likely it climbed up the cord and is now dead behind my tank stand? Are they big enough to smell if its behind there? Because it would be pretty difficult to get to it because its a book shelf.
  2. Bithimala

    Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    It may have gone in somewhere it felt safe and protected to molt.
  3. OP
    Chuck Wheat

    Chuck Wheat Valued Member Member

    Thats what I'm hoping. I pulled everything off the shelves and did a flashlight search all around the area. How long does it usually take them to molt and recover?