missing pleco

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    :) Hello...my name is wendy and i'm new to ths forum and fairly new to the fish keeping world. I had a question for anyone out there that might be able to solve this mystery. I recently bought an albino pleco (he's about 2") for my 20 gal. The only tank mates in there at the moment is a blue gourami (3"). amd twp red platys. I just noticed tonight that he's not in the tank. I've looked everywhere - under the rocks, castle, behind the plants, in the filter system. Can't see him anywhere. Where could he have gone? Usually when a fish dies I see it laying on the rocks or up against the filter pipe. But he's nowhere to be found. Do this type of fish hybernate or dig under the gravel? I hope he's around maybe. He was really cute. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    WELCOME TO FISHLORE! It's great to have you with us! Did you look all around outside of the tank? They don't usually jump, but you never know. I think he's still in there. Fish are amazing, and can hide in places that don't look possible. ;)
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    Welcome to FishLore!! Stop by the welcome form and introduce yourself! :D
    Yes plecos are the masters of hiding inside cracks, even blending their color with their surroundings.
    They have been known to come out of the tanks, they don't actually flip out but more clean their way out. they clean up the glass and rim until their out of the water and then wiggle around and fall out. I lost a beautiful common that way they can flip a long ways from the tank once they are out so take a good look at the floor and surounding area. Let us know ;)