Missing gourami and an injured frog Help 

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I noticed yesterday during feeding time that one of my four sparkling gouramis isn't out, and they are usually front and center. I have one that has its own territory, and then the other three are always grouped up. They are consistently like this and always in the same spots in the tank. I could find the one that was in his own space, and then two others grouped up. I looked for like 20 minutes, fed them, and still could not find the fourth.

To add to this, I also have four african dwarf frogs, and one appears to have an injury on his mouth and one of his toes. I originally thought illness, but the fact that I can't find one of my fish, no one else is sick, and this tank has been stable for months with literally nothing new added makes it hard to believe there would be sudden illness. Unless the green hair algae I'm dealing with has done stuff to the water chemistry that can't be measured with a typical liquid test kit.

My theory is this: The frog actually caught the gourami, got in a fight, ended up killing it, and the corpse has been completely consumed between the frogs, cories, and possibly the other gouramis. This would explain the sore around the frog's nose/mouth, because I know frogs act sick and die quickly and his sore is getting better. And it would explain why one gourami is missing when they have all been super healthy and have very predictable behavior since day 1.

What is the likeliness of this theory? Or, do you think both the frog and the gourami are sick and the fish is either hiding or dead and I just haven't found it yet/still eaten by the others? I know keeping dwarf frogs in a community tank isn't considered the *best*, because they are aggressive and can also struggle to eat, but I figured gouramis are too fast and hang out closer to the top too often. The frogs do nip at the cories, but the cories don't seem bothered and I've never seen an actual torn/bitten fin.


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I recently had two Sparkling Gouramis go missing after a male and a female paired up in the tank and became territorial. Much to my horror I found one dried to a crisp behind the aquarium stand, and I found the skull of the second one floating in the tank the day after it went missing. I don't have African Dwarf Frogs but I'd suspect the Gouramis are far too fast to be caught by one. In my case I suspect the two that paired bullied one into jumping and killed the other.
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