Missing color on Hillstream Loach


Picked up this little guy from my LFS almost a week ago. It was the last one they had, and it was hiding in the tank.

I noticed the color loss when I bought it, but I was thinking / hoping it was just due to stress.

Its been in my tank now, and has been active, swimming around and eating.

The missing color is roughly the same on both sides, and I just noticed (after taking the pic) that he has a little beat up tail.

I've dosed with Erythromycin and General Cure (to make sure nothing is brought in with it), but no noticeable improvement.

Wasn't sure if this is a normal occurrence or if this is a disease or something else.



I wonder if it's piebald or something like that.
I had a pied molly (had to sell her because she was a bully) who had white splotches all over her.
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Happy to report that the white stripes are starting to darken up like the rest of its body.

Either I got lucky, and the Erythromycin / General Cure took care of whatever it was, or it was just stress. Either way, good news.

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