Missing ancistrus

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by myriad1973, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. myriad1973Well Known MemberMember

    I wasn't sure which section I should put this thread in.

    I noticed that my 4" albino ancistrus has been missing the last couple of days, which is funny... I just posted pictures of her earlier in the week and earlier in the month. The strange thing is, I looked through all the decor, all the plants, and even when I was doing a gravel vac I was looking for her, but nothing.... not even remains... and this fish usually stands out in contrast to the rest of the tank.

    The only clue that she may have been sick is she was a little bloated (I thought maybe she was developing eggs, her pictures are in the funny stuff and fish id sections if you want to take a look) before turning up missing, and at one point I noticed her laying on her back underneath the driftwood, but not eating or even attached to the wood either.

    Is it possible for a 4" dead catfish to be eaten by the rest of the fish with no trace of remains left behind?

    Another clue to her dying is my nitrate reading was 50 ppm today, with little to no ammonia.
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  2. can haz catfishies?Valued MemberMember

    I would assume you might at least find a skeleton as they are pretty boney fish
  3. myriad1973Well Known MemberMember

    Yeah I know... it is very bizarre.
  4. myriad1973Well Known MemberMember

    Okay... I don't know how she did it, but she is a very good hider. I found her in the tank alive and well.

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