MISSING!albino catfish!

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    i am currentley treating my fish for ich(whitespot) i have raised the temp to 85o as i was told by some of you, and i am also using a treatment for the water. when i came home from work today i couldnt find my albino catfish anywhere? could it have died and been eaten??? how long would it take for the others to it her and which of my fish wouldve eaten her? im very confused. my husband dint think that she wouldve been eaten that quick and that we would see some remains, but there is nothing! if she is alive where the **** is she? i have checked everywhere???
  2. Gwenz

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    I resently lost one of my Leopard danios and still havn't found it. Have you tried taking everything out of the tank (not the gravel) to see if it has got caught in the plants or under something? It might help you find it easier.

    Try reading this, it might give you some ideas. This is my post about my missing danio.

    Hope this helps

    Gwenz :)
  3. OP

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    ive already read it, i saw it earlier, yes done all that. do you think someone has eaten it???
  4. 0morrokh

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    It's possible...
  5. OP

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    which fish, do you know???
  6. chickadee

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    You mentioned putting medication in the water. Catfish are very sensitive to the introduction of medications to the tanks. That is why the meds are usually put in at half the usual dosage in a tank with scaleless fish (like catfish). He could have died and not shown up yet.

  7. Butterfly

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    Or died and someone made lunch out of him . Test your water, if theres a dead fish in there the ammonia will be out the roof.
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    before my friend gave me her fish from her tank she had 2 plecos. when we went to take them out to transfer to my tank there was only one. when her boyfriend came home and cleaned the tank out he found the skeleton of the other pleco under the gravel