miracle aquarium!


ok, I got my green pufferfish and I wanted to see how they would do with the rest of my fish so I put them in the large aquarium with my tetras, guramis, and parrotfish. They get along with the rest of my fish great. and they eat the flake food really well, I have had them for about three weeks or so and are as healthy and happy as could be. Everyone has been telling me that I have a miracle aquarium! lol . ps. I added aquarium salt to the whole aquarium and they are all doing great!


Green Puffer's need snails in their diet otherwise their teeth will grow too much and possibly kill them. GSP's also need full Saltwater when they are older, the rest of the fish will not be able to cope with full SW.

BR parrots grow 7-8 inches, they ideally need a massive aquarium, Ken (Aquarist) Keeps his in a 155.

I suggest you rehome a few of these fish so they can grow without becoming stunted.


Silver Dollars need to be in groups of 5+, and grow, also to 8 inches. I seriously suggest you think about re-homing these fish as they will not grow to their full potential and will probably not live their lives out happily either.


Oh my ..you do have a miracle tank...and I have to agree if you don't change some things, it won't last I'm very surprised your gouramis and parrots are tolerating salt at all...I hope you rethink and get the puffer a new tank as emily suggested, hes going to need it....are all these fish in a 29 gal tank? .good luck and I hope your miracles continue to do well


Yup I agree with Shawnie. It might last awhile but eventually it will come to an end. Sometimes it can be very tempting to go against the "rules" and sometimes it works when it's just a compatibility issue. You have compatibility, diet,and water requirement differences. I would suggest moving the GSP and discontinuing the salt for the others for starters.


Please rethink your tank... puffers are very temperamental and can change from being peaceful for months to suddenly becoming killers. Often, an unusually docile puffer is a sign that they are not feeling well. Flake food really doesn't give them the nutrition that they need. Your little guy would be better off in a tank of his own.


When something sounds too good to be true...it usually is. Rethink and rehome before something drastic happens. Good luck!


Good morning. I agree with the above posters as it is a miracle tank, for now. I too am sad to say that I don't think it will last. I would surely consider rehousing asap.

The 4 Bloody Parrots alone in a 29 gallon tank is wayyyy over stocked. They will grow 7 to 10 inches.

The goldfish in with tropical fish is not suggest either. The goldfish might survive but it will not thrive.

Silver Dollars should really be kept in schools of 5 or more with lots of room to swim.

Puffers, I don't have personal experience with but I do know they need snails to eat as mentioned above. Their teeth will continue to grow. I've seen threads where people are having to file the teeth down.

I wish you only the best of luck. Please take these posts to heart. We only want what is best for your fish If you can share some pictures we'd love to see your aquarium and fish.


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