Minimum tank size for RTS Question

Discussion in 'Red Tail Shark' started by jowhiteley, Apr 7, 2010.

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    I've made some newbie stocking mistakes and need to get my rts out of the tank with the tetras. I have a 15 gallon tank (24" x 12" x 12") - would this be big enough for an adult rts? Is there anything else that could co-exist with it in this space?

    Any suggestions gratefully received - it's a beautiful fish and I'm reluctant to take it back if I can avoid it.
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    They can get to be about 6 inches. I have a rainbow shark and it did well in a 20 gallon. Now it lives in a 46 gallon and it's even happier. Personally, I feel a 15 gallon is just a little too small, even though the profile on this site indicates 10 gallon.

    They love to explore and needs lots of caves or hidey holes to feel secure. I'd think it would feel cramped in a smaller space.

    As for tank mates, my shark doesn't care for the danios but does great with larger fish.
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    In that small of a tank he can only be by himself due to he will get aggressive and territorial. Will claim the whole tank as his territory. Best to be kept with fish of similiar size due to they will chase smaller fish. I reccommend a 55g for a RTS to be kept with other tankmates. they are really a great fish to have if you can accommodate them and give them lots of hiding places.

    Good luck!
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    Good morning,

    I agree with AlyeskaGirl that the Red Tail Shark (RTS) should have at least 55g or more. I have one in my 265g tank and he still gives my Silver Dollars a run every now and then. There hasn't been any damage done to the Silver Dollars though. They're fast and have a lot of room to get away.

    I've seen information that states they can be kept in smaller tanks, but I disagree. Big time! :)

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    Thanks very much for your help - I saw the min tank size given as 10 gallon and I thought I'd better check!


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    Since RTS mostly care about "ground area" a tank at least 3 feet long is recommended. Generally this is the standard 33 US gallon tank. However I have mine in a 32 by himself and I wouldn't think of adding more fish to the tank unless I upgrade for a 40 or 55 gal.
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    I keep my RTS in a 4-foot long aquarium holding 55 gallons of water. It is very happy, so I think 55-gallons would be the minimum for an RTS.

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    IME there is so many review about RTS and thesis, topics about them making things so confusing.

    What really bugs me is the fact people go on the size of the fish, and match to a tank. Not taking into consideration aggression size and natural habitat.

    Mine are kept in 75g and 100g tanks and never ever had a issue with them at all. Very peaceful to other tank mates, bare the odd chase. But that is all it is. No damaged fins nothing.

    For me foot print is the main thing, but taking into account a community tank plan it is best to make the most out of what you can get. So for me I would be getting at least a 75 for these wonderful fish. Set it up heavily with drift wood in a corner for it's territory adding Moss Java Fern and Anubis to it to make it more at home, then IME the other fish are left alone and the logs become it's territory, but with the size tank it makes the shark less threatened consequently making it less aggressive.

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    i think the minimum tank they can be kept in is a 20g LONG and a 30g long, not high or breeders, longer the better for these guys, they are very curious and loves dashing from side to side.

    as for tank mates, larger fish IMO