Minimum Tank Size For L260 Queen Arabesque Hypancistrus Question

  1. fishychachki Member Member

    I was wondering what you guys think would be the minimum tank size for a single hypancistrus sp L260 (so-called queen arabesque pleco)? And what would be the minimum tank size for a breeding pair? No plan for the foreseeable future but this gorgeous fish every now and then becomes available in my area and I'd like to really try keeping/breeding them one day.

    If it helps, they grow up to 8-9cm (a little less than 4 inches), need strong flow and high oxygenation like other plecos, need cave-like structures esp to breed like other plecos, largely carnivorous like most hypancistrus and unlike many other plecos, somewhat peaceful but can be aggressively territorial in breeding mood like most fish showing any resemblance of parental care, etc.
  2. Joshua Gonzalez Member Member

    Minimum of 20 gallons.

  3. fishychachki Member Member

    A single fish? What about a breeding pair?
  4. Joshua Gonzalez Member Member

    uhh sure... will be difficult though, Ive had bad experiences with breeding those fish.

  5. fishychachki Member Member

    I meant to ask what size would be good to house a pair lol. But since you brought it up mind elaborating on what exact difficulties you face in keeping and trying to breed them?
  6. Joshua Gonzalez Member Member

    20 gallon minimum for a breeding pair, the female and other fish ate all the babies before i could separate them, male killed 2 of my females, and the male bullies the other fish. now that I say this I realize I have the worst luck ever.
  7. fishychachki Member Member

    Ah I'm sorry they really didn't work out for you. If you don't mind me asking more, what was your setup like (things like tank size and dimensions, filter, substrates, used any plants, driftwoods, rocks or caves?), how many L260 and what other fish were there?

  8. Joshua Gonzalez Member Member

    plenty of caves, live plants ,driftwood, dimensions 30 1/4 x 12 1/2 x 12 3/4, water parameters were fine