Minimum bio load for a ten gallon.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by flyin-lowe, Dec 8, 2009.

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    I just got a ten gallon tank to start raising some of the java fern starts I have in a 75 so I can put them in a 120 I will be setting up in a month or two. I just realized that I think one (maybe two) of the mickey mouse platy's I have might be pregnant. I put the filter for the 10 gallon in the 75 gallon to let it start to seed. I am planning on taking 5-10 pounds of gravel out of the 75 to put in the ten gallon. Once I put the filter and gravel into the ten gallon what should I put in it to keep it cycled until the platy fry are ready to move into it. What is the smallest stock I can put in with the seeded gravel and filter to keep the bacteria alive?

    Also right now the 75 has only been cycled for about three weeks. I don't want to take any gravel out of it until the platys are born (in a breeding box) I am planning on leaving them in the 75 until they are old enough to move. I am assuming right now it is too early to start taking gravel out of this tank since it hasn't been cycled that long. I thought this could send it into a mini cycle, or should I be okay to take some gravel out. I probably have between 75-90 lbs in the 75 so I will be taking out a small percentage.
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    Here are a few things you might take under consideration:
    When you do a water change, you could put that water into your 10G.
    Although it doesn't have any appreciative good bacteria in it, it is a little more seasoned than fresh water.

    Bacteria grows on all sorts of surfaces in your tank...
    Often plants have good bacteria on them and the java moss comming out of your established 75G.
    Consider scooping out only 2 or 3 cups of gravel from the top part of the gravel in the 75G.

    You may get a starting amount of good bacteria from these things without harming your newbie tank's cycle.

    Albeit these are small amounts, but it may provide enough that you could add one preggie platy right away.
    She can have the babies in the 10G. They will love the java moss.

    If you do put her in there, don't feed her for a few days after putting her in.
    Holding off on feeding will give the bio a better chance of catching up.

    If all is going well in a week or so, you could add the second preggie platy, if necessary.
    Then put the mommas back in the 75G after the fry are "born".

    I would definately have some Prime on hand, incase you see an increase in ammonia in either tank.

    Best of luck,
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    I do have prime and I don't know why I didn't think of putting the platy's into the ten gallon to have the babies. (its been a long week). Would a couple weeks be enough time for the filter that I put int he 75g to start to build up some good bacteria?
    I think what I will do is wait about 2 weeks and then move some of the gravel, java ferns, and the two platy's to the ten gallon along with the filter. Then keep an eye on the ammonia levels. Once I do this I am assuming the 2 platys will be enough to keep the tank going.
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    I totally understand that. It's been hectic here too. ;)

    If you mean put the filter for the 10G on the 75G for 2 weeks, then yes, I believe so.
    Don't touch the origional 3 week old filter on the 75G, tho. It's too new and tender.

    Yup, you'll be fine. If a little ammonia shows, reduce feeding, do some water changes as needed and it should level out pretty quickly.
    Have fun with the younguns! :party0049:
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    The aqua clear 110 in the 75 wont be touched. I took the filter that came with the ten and I have it running on the 75.