Mini Tanks?


I've found myself entranced about the idea of making a teeny tiny 3 gallon saltwater tank, with just some live rock and some bright red shrimp.

Caveats - I know that small tanks are not the best for beginners, but neither my lease, my budget, nor the quality of my floors allows me to have anything greater then ten gallons. Give that saltwater tanks seem inherently trickier then freshwater tanks, no doubt a miniature saltwater tank is a very finicky critter.

I know that I don't want to keep fish, or to try any serious coral growing/reef keeping. I just like these red shrimp:

So, how crazy am I, and if you are willing to indulge this wee insanity of mine, can anyone suggest some good books/websites for me?
Or, if there is some fatal failing in my idea that makes it a sheer impossibilty, please let me know.


The cycle will be longer than a freshwater. You still need to invest in good equipment and be patient.


It's feasible, I'm doing a 5.5gallon Saltwater tank and if you only want it for the shrimp, sure no problem, just need some dedication.

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