We just bought 2 small MinI BUshy Plecos at a local pet store. The plan is to put them into our small 6 gallon tank for the time being as we only house 3 Guppies and a few Cherry Red Shrimp. We wanted a catfish or 2 to keep the tank clean. Anyway, we already have 2 Albino Bushy Plecos, 1 in our 16 gallon community tank and another in our 46 gallon community tank. They have been fabulous fish for a few months now. They are very hard-working (great cleaners) and they don't bother any of the other tank occupants.

Can anyone tell me anything about these MinI Bushy Plecos? Why have I read that a larger tank is required for Plecos when they are mostly sedentary, quiet fish?


Do you mean you have an albino Bristlenose catfish? This fish grows to around 5 - 7" in length and should be housed in something at least around 30 gallons.


Do you have pics? We would love to see them I don't know of any bushynose or bristlenose that are under five inches. I raise albino, long-fin and goldspot bristlenose(same as bushy nose). A good place for info is planet catfish

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