Min tank size for Royal Farlowella

  1. Amyzes

    Amyzes Valued Member Member

    I saw an albino Royal Farlowella and fell in love, but I don't want to be that horrible fish keeper who keeps a fish who can barely move.

    Googling this fish says 30 gallon min, but that does not seem to be the consensus here. I don't think a longer aquarium will be better, because that is still only 12 inches from front to back, and 12 inches is only 4 more than the max length.

    Is foot print more important or gallons? (what size should my "someday tank" be?)
  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    In this case I think that volume is more important than footprint. They're not as active as some other catfish species but they are sensitive to water quality. If you want a larger footprint though you can't go wrong with a 40 gallon breeder!

    But an albino farlowella, wow, that would be something to see!