Millenium Rainbow sitting in the same spot all day


One of my 3 rainbows is just sitting in the corner of the tank most of the day. He comes out in the morning and schools with his 2 buddies when he’s ready to eat, and he’ll come out usually if I walk up to the tank (probably wanting food). The other 2 are really active, and spend most of the day actively swimming. There are also 7 guppies who are all healthy, active and seemingly happy.

The tank is currently coming down the home stretch of the fish-in cycle. Changing the water at least once a day to combat nitrites. Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated..thank you!

Today I will be receiving SeaChem equilibrium to raise the tanks GH, as both rainbows and guppies really want 10 dgh. Will be raising the pH as well, once the tank is cycled.

Ph: 6.6-6.7
Ammonia: 0.4-0.5
Nitrite: 0.5
Nitrate: 5
GH: 0
Temp: 78
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