Milk Prices Sky High!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aquarist, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember


    I was just reading some recipes in the Random Food Thread (link below) and Gremlins Cinnamon Roles sound and look mouth watering:

    which made me think of how nice they would be with a big glass of milk. Yum!

    I bought a gallon of Milk yesterday, whole milk as Chef doesn't allow 2%, 1% or skimmed in the house. :giggle:Shopping a Mom and Pop little store, the cheapest that had was $5.19 per gallon! Next lowest price was $6.00. This just amazes me.

    I worked for Kroger's back in the 1970's when milk was .99 cents a gallon and .79 cents a gallon on sale.

    Normally we get milk at a chain store for around $3.70 a gallon. Which I'm sure is going up in price again very soon.

    hmmm...maybe Chef and I should just buy a cow!

    Thanks for listening! Rant is over. :;fru


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  2. xNickValued MemberMember

    Crazy, isn't it? I know in Australia we have fresh milk for $2 for 2L which is about $4 per gallon So I guess we have it lucky :p
  3. Dino

    DinoFishlore VIPMember

    The county I live in has a very large dairy, whose product is sold locally.
    But I still pay about the same Ken.

    There is indeed something wrong with this picture.

  4. lorabellWell Known MemberMember

    LOL...but it really isnt funny.......and with Mike always having been a milk lover and drinker.....its one of the few things he can still enjoy....he goes through almost 3 gallons a week!!!!!! Ill share the cow with u!!!!!
  5. sirdarksol

    sirdarksolFishlore LegendMember

    Same here. If I want to get milk that's traveled around the country, and I don't know its origin, I can get it for $3.50-4. If I want to buy locally-produced milk, it's $5-6.

    Though I've never seen the low prices Aquarist is talking about, I've watched milk prices double since I've moved out from my parents' place.

    Also, no reduced-fat milk here, either. When I was a kid, I convinced my parents to switch to skim milk because it's good for you ("low fat=good", right?). I continued to drink skim milk until a few years ago, when my wife found out that, to make reduced-fat milk more palatable, they add extra whey protein, which exacerbates her medical issues. Add to that the fact that we now know that low fat isn't necessarily good, and high fat isn't necessarily bad, and we switched to whole milk.
  6. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    I went grocery shopping ysterday, had to by 4 different milks and some heavy cream... ouch. We pay $ 3.89 for a gallon of 2%. Then I needed a pint of heavy cream (almost $4.00) a quart of buttermilk (not bad $1.68) a quart of whole milk( $2.50) and a half gallon of skim( $2.00) . This I crazy, not to mention almost $8.00 for 2lbs of unsalted butter...
  7. Not just milk, everything is going up but our wages !!!
  8. psalm18.2

    psalm18.2Fishlore LegendMember

    I love milk, but cant drink so I buy Lactaid milk, costs around $4.50.
    It tastes better and lasts longer. We have farms here that sell goat milk fresh. I never tried, but friends like it.
  9. angelfish220

    angelfish220Well Known MemberMember

    My father is a dairy farmer, and I can tell you for a fact Milk Prices (for the farmer, meaning what the companies are paying for it) are LOW. The milk check this month was 20% lower than last month's. It is the government and processing plants that are making the dough, not the farmers.
  10. psalm18.2

    psalm18.2Fishlore LegendMember

    That's the truth! We're basically paying the gas to have it shipped to the store.

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