Mild aggression in one Pearl Gourami

  1. K

    Ksuvet Well Known Member Member

    Just got 4 Pearl Gouramis four days ago. They are only 1.5 inches long so I imagine they are still quite young. Today one of the Gouramis definitely is being a bit aggressive with the other three....mostly some tail chasing and face-to-face pushing around.
    Is this pretty normal and is this likely a male trying to form a dominance already?

    If it continues or get worse is this one I should move to my other tank?

  2. Jim

    Jim Well Known Member Member

    Maybe he/she is just getting the pecking order straightened out. I know my Betta sorority does that when I introduce a new one. Admittedly, I do have to move one now and then but I wait to see if things calm down.