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  1. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a nice haul, what nem is that ?
  2. NART Well Known Member Member

    It's the dendro! And apparently he had to diff strands. One is more common and the other has an orange center which is more rare and more $$$ I went with the rare one lol

    Also picked up a nice size rainbow acan colony that my seller hooked it up with.

  3. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    Its like the love child of a nem and an duncan, then it drank some Fanta. Weird and wonderful, cant wait to see that acan once its settled in.

  4. NART Well Known Member Member

    that's actually a pretty good description of it Grant.

    This dendro is already opening and eating. I put in some of the new fatty amino and the whole tank was in feeding mode.

    Here are some pics. Excuse some of the other corals looking funny they are munching away.

    Top down view of the tank

    My one and only SPS frag that I got a few months ago. It's a Tubb Stella.

    Dendro ate already! Even the two little heads on the bottom was able to eat the LPS Marin pellets. Way too much fun feeding it. It eats beastier than my ultra red RFA nem.

  5. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    Good shots, thats a nice varied nano reef, the dendro is a real od ball to me i like it, im fascinated by it like i was the Duncan a while ago, Duncans are so under rated i love them for there hardy-ness and the mix of it being like a stony with actual polyps instead of like torch and hammer etc although i like them too is that a frog spawn in pic 2 thats blooming lol.
  6. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    Wow, so super jealous @MightyNanoTank :D The orange centered Dendro is exactly what I want someday. Is that the new acan right next to it? I'm still having a hard time telling the difference between acans and favias.

    Also, the amino acid food... is that the one by Korallen-Zucht? I ran across that once on amazon and just looked at it again. It says dosage is 1 ml for 50 gallons so, if that's what you've got, may I ask how you're using it for the IM 25? Seems like it would be easy to over do it in a tank less that 50g.
  7. NART Well Known Member Member

    @grantm91 I love oddball corals. Speaking of oddballs, he had this....

    Rhizos. Extremely beautiful and extremely rare. I would've walked out with one if I was living by myself and off ramen lol

    Yeah, that's a frogspawn. One of my first frogspawn that I started with. Since, it had split in two and getting huge.

    @stella1979 you'll get there! Dendro's arn't extremely expensive just hard to find and kind of pricey, $150 range. That's my old Acan! My first acan too. You'll get the hang of it. It's really easy to tell once you start owning your own.

    Yes! That is the fatty amino that I got. My seller swears by it so I bought it too. I put it in my tank and wow, everything started plumping up in like 30min. That's the correct dosage, I measure with a pippet, and just do 1/2 ml. So for you just eye the pippet to 1/4 ml ish.

    More boring stuff... but got the float valve on the bucket! I've never been this excited about water before haha.


    Oh I forgot to mention @grantm91 yeah. Duncan's are way underrated. Even though they are a beginners coral, and relatively inexpensive. They can easily make a great center piece in any tank when they grow out. Have you seen the green glowing Duncan's? World Wide Coral sells a strand of them.
  8. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    I've been wracking my brain but I just can't get there. What do you mean by this Nart?

  9. LJC6780 Well Known Member Member

    The problem with using it for fresh is that you have to add back in the things fresh water usually replenishes. Which I guess could be better than high nitrates.

    Also, the units can usually be attached to anything you want. I have an adapter to feed mine directly from the PEX coming from our home water filter but I currently just have it connected to the water hose outside. Some people connect them to the sink faucet. There are different adapters you can use.

    Another way to save more time and more money (in water) is to upgrade the unit to a 150 by adding double RO. Before I did this I was getting roughly 1:4 clean:waste and after I get more like 2:1 c:w. I also use a pump because it needs to be 80-85psi.

    I have my station outside with brute cans but could just as easily be done on a smaller scale with floats in 6 gal buckets. I think I've told you about my water change station but you have limited room, right? Mine is set up input to RODI out to clean can. Sump pump in clean can with piping to salt can. Flip switch for pump to transfer necessary amount for mixing. I think it's about 14 gallons at the line. I usually keep the clean can filling so I'll have top off water and full water for the next change. I like it leave it all full and mixed in the salt can. I am always needing a bucket here and there.

    Anyway to do this on a smaller scale I believe you could install a float valve in the clean bucket and make sure your stop valve is working properly ... mine was not so I ordered another and it solved the problem! Anyway, float on bucket. You can either just pour it over to the next bucket or siphon it or even throw a small pump and tubing in there to fill the salt bucket. Add appropriate salt and get to mixing. Waste would be caught in separate container to be used on plants or the yard ... same system just on a smaller scale.

    I agree! It totally saved my bacon the other day. Postponed the alarm
    And then forgot ... after I got out of my shower and dressed it hit me
    That I have flooded the garage! Nope! As I walk out all frantic, I look over to a quiet system and a dry floor. Thank you shutoff valve! I then went ahead and shut off the system but was so happy I didn't fail this time!
  10. NART Well Known Member Member

    @stella1979 I should've given you the entire name. Google "tubbs stellata coral".

    Watching "Chasing Coral" on Netflix this morning. Y'all should check it out too.

    @Tanks and Plants @Shannah @stella1979 @grantm91 @LJC6780 @greenbonsai

    Holy smokes......... the Dersa Clam (i think that's what it is) at 1:02:27 mark. Ginormous!

    I just finished watching the documentary... and I am just lost for words. Coral lovers and coral beginners should really watch it with their friends and family. Let me know what y'all think of it
  11. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    Hahahahahaha! Totally didn't get it. I guess I'm too cool for school, they named a coral after me.:cool:

    Thanks for the vid recommendation... going to watch that today as it sounds perfect for a quiet Sunday afternoon.
  12. LJC6780 Well Known Member Member

    Unless you're not home.

    Is that a dendro? I love mine! One has about 9 small heads around a large one and I think it's about to sprout some more new ones!

    Mine likes frozen food too! It will either take a plankton/mysis or even just the juice with bits. I don't feed mine every day either but I feed plenty so my tank is not super clean of nutrients.

    That looks like a blue dendro! I am totally going to look into those!

    Is your float upside down? I'm pretty sure mine aims down so the water line pushes it up and closed.
  13. NART Well Known Member Member

    @LJC6780 the float is installed correctly. Turns off when it's supposed to. I have two different float valve and that one is a bit different
  14. LJC6780 Well Known Member Member

    Just making sure! That would suck if it didn't do what you were expecting!!

    Btw, I'm loving your tank! Looks good!
  15. NART Well Known Member Member

    6:30am wayyy before light goes on and look who was out and about. Love this dendro!!

    @stella1979 did you watch Chasing Coral with the fam last night? What did you think of it?
  16. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    I missed parts of it due to the fam:rolleyes:. But, yes, I saw most of it... made me cry a little at the beginning when they were in FL. I've seen those dead coral beds. And, when they were diving from a party boat on the GBR, all those people having a great time and not even aware of what was going on beneath them. I'll not forget that one line about what the corals would say if they could..., "Look at me. Please notice!", with that mind blowing aerial shot. A very impactful story for sure. Sometimes I feel guilty about keeping coral, other times I feel like if coral isn't kept in captivity, then there won't be any left for future generations. Definitely thought provoking. Thanks for sharing Nart... I'm going to put it back on later today. I'm not sure how much, but I missed a bit at the end.
  17. NART Well Known Member Member

    Did you happen to see that hugeeeeeeeeeee dersa clam at the 1:02:27 mark? Like, holy smokes........ I knew they get big, but wow, it really is breath taking seeing it in video, I can't even imagine in person. I'm glad you watched it. It really is alarming isn't it? To know that there's a huge chance that all the corals will go extinct in our life time. I didn't know the situation was that dire. Just from a quick google of "Great barrier reef" and you'll see recent topics and articles about corals bleaching. I was really taken back watching it.

    You know what's kind of funny? When I first got into college, my passion and major was Marine Biology. I did a semester of it till my mom said "get into a major more practical to make good money". During that time studying Marine Bio, I enjoyed every moment of it. Going out on boat trips to study and take samples of the ocean. But sadly, I changed my major to Business and left that passion behind. It wasn't until a couple of years ago I picked up the fish hobby again and after seeing that documentary I think it's starting to bring that passion back. I don't even know where to begin or how I can help, but I want to get involved in trying to save the corals.

    You know what... I personally wouldn't feel guilty about keeping corals. I think if we don't do anything in trying to save the corals from bleaching in the ocean, ultimately in our lifetime, and according to their trend, 20-30 years from now... nearly all corals would be extinct in the wild. It would be up to hobbyist's and these aquaculture facilities in keeping these corals thriving and propagating it for future generations to enjoy and learn. In a few years, I am going to set-up a larger system, with a reverse under-gravel system to help preserve some of these corals.
  18. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    Missed the clam... darn kiddos! I tried to watch during nap time but the SO also decided that would be a good time to connect the new surround sound (BOSE!!! had to get that up before GOT.) Then, the LO didn't want to sleep too much. So, yeah, a rewatch of the last hour is required.

    I don't know where to begin either but awareness seems like a good start. I'll be spreading the word about this documentary at least. I'm a pretty big fan of Bill Nye as well. He's been warning us about global warming for years.

    I actually feel less guilty than I did prior to watching this. The idea of hobbyists and preservation felt a little strange before, almost like I was using it to make myself feel better. Seeing how bad it really is was truly alarming and it changed my mind about that.

    I bet your business knowledge can be of great use to you in your endeavor to help the corals. ;)
  19. NART Well Known Member Member

    The nassarius snails were making me nervous as they were burying themselves under the dendro. As a result, the dendro got moved ridiculously close on the sand bed right next to my big orange RFA who nearly killed my green mushroom a few weeks ago. I didn't want to chance it this time so I placed it on the spot that I had reserved for it once it was acclimated.

    (Right side view of the glass panel)

    In the pic you'll see my two RFAs are now in the back as I was pumping too much flow in the front. My blasto colony grew quit a bit too.
  20. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    Wondering what went on between the RFA and your mushrooms... Were they just too close or was the nem actually going after them?