Might have fin rot in new tank, help please! Important

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    Hey Fishlore Community,

    I need some help with my "new" African Cichlid, 60g tank. I cycled my tank for about 4 weeks until I had 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates, and a Ph of 7.8. This past Saturday, I purchased 2 Electic Yellow, 2 Rustys, 1 Z Rock, 1 Phenochilus, and 1 Red Tail Shark.

    This morning I noticed that my Z Rock kept chasing after my Phenochilus. He would chase him all over the tank. At closer look, it looks like there was a little bite mark in one of his fin's. After i noticed the Phenochilus' bite mark, i saw that one of the Electic Yellow's fins was frayed, as well as one of the Z Rocks, and also one of the fins on a Rusty. However, the lower fins on both of the Electric Yellow look whitish, and there is a white spot on one of the Electric Yellow's tail fin, as well as the tail fin on one of the Rustys.

    I called the store I bought them from, and was told that rearranging the tank may help with aggression, and adding more fish may also help. So i rearranged my tank, and I purchased 1 Yellow Top Mbamba, 1 Livingstoni, and 2 Manda Blue Dolphins. Now doing some more research, I'm starting to think that the fish have fin rot. I do not think its ICK because the whole fish is not covered with the white spots. If someone could chime in and point me in the right direction that would be a huge help. I can also take pictures of the fish if that will help.

    Thanks in advance Fishlore Community,
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    If you would,could you post a pic?
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    Have you checked your water parameters since you added the fish? If you were really cycled, you should have had some nitrates.

    Also, if you have plenty of hiding places/caves for the cichlids, that will help avoid aggression.