Might get a sailfin Molly... thoughts?

  1. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    Above... my LFS has Sailfin Molly's, what are they like, can my tank handle it (1 angelfish, 10 panda cories, 2swordtails) they are really beautiful and my LFS said they would sell it to me for $1.50. Oh... and do they NEED salt, or will they be okay with it??? never kept them before...
  2. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    oh ya, and my panda cories I LOVE>>> i might have a female!!

  3. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    They do not *need* salt, they do like it though. They probably don't have any at the LFS. How big is the tank? They can get pretty big. I've only had one before and it was a little aggressive. I know bowcrazy would have all sorts of info for you.

    Meant to convey they probably don't keep them brackish at the LFS lol
  4. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    that's why I want one...it's for the 20g... and know my LFS is completely freshwater...and thanks for the info on bowcrazy, I will shoot him a PM.

  5. Sharkdude Well Known Member Member

    Mollies get around 6" if kept in the proper conditions. They do come from brackish conditions so marine salt may be added. They do fine in just freshwater but they do great in brackish. I wouldn't put one in anything less than a 40 gallon tank because of their potential size.

    Mine keep to themselves as their tanks mates are way more aggressive than them. They are in a 75 with Moony's and a dragon goby. It's also brackish.
  6. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    wow... I did not know that they got that big!!!thanks for the heads up...
  7. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    You already know your 20 is overstocked, no more fish until its upgraded XD