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  1. AidanG20G

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    My male sword keeps chasing a female and not tail nipping but just chasing idk if they are mating but they have been chasing for a while and still nothing. What to do? Are they mating? (Watch this video)

    oops no vid sorry here is a photo. Sorry it’s blurry but In the photo the male fish (top) is chasing the female. (Bottom) as I post this they are still chasing each other [edit] both of the females except one (3 females in tank) are fat might be pregnant but haven’t seen anything for about a month now

    Can someone please help

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  2. endlercollector

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    Yes, they generally only think about eating and mating, and they do zoom around quite a bit in the pursuit of either ;)
  3. OP

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    Alright so should I be having fry soon my tank is good no deaths recently at all
  4. Mcasella

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    He is likely chasing her as she gets closer to her due date to be able to father her next offspring, they have a very short window to be able to breed successfully after the female gives birth otherwise the previous male mated with will be the father.