Middle Or Top Dwelling Fish. 20g Tank.

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    Hey all!
    So I have a 20 gallon long tank currently stocked with 4 mollies (not the sailfin type) and 2 small german blue rams. I also keep my tank at 26-28°C.

    I will hopefully get about 4 cory catfish within the week (provided my lfs receives stock) and I will hopefully plant java moss and anubias soon (also provided my lfs pulls though with ny order)

    I was hoping to utilise more of the vertical space in my tank because my mollies tend to stay middle low and so do my rams. The corys will also be in that region (is this over stocking it?)and so wanted to create more height.

    I don't want to keep too many more fish so looking so solitary or low number schooling fish.

    I don't want to stock gouramis (had them before and want a change), angels(size), or large schools (I'm open to rummy nose tetras though )

    Can I please have your suggestions and comments on the stocking of the top dwellers as well as suggestions on what corries I should get.

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  2. OP

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    As you can see, I love my small rams
  3. Dolfan

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    harlequin rasboras tend to stay toward the top, a school of 5-6 may do ok but not if you also add the cories, your 20 gallon would be over stocked with both schools. Stick with just the top swimming fish and I would avoid the cories, as you already have fish that stay in the bottom region.
  4. Discusluv

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    I'm a sucker for rummy-nose tetras... both for their beauty and their hardiness. I have a school of them (going on three and a half years now) and they swim together in the mid-range of my 29 gallon.
  5. Asaflame

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    Hatchet fish
  6. OP

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    Good idea with the rasboras, I like how tiny they are and so they might work.

    I was hoping my jollies would venture to the mid-top region once I add my Amazon awards (forgot to mention) and my anubias grows a bit. I read somewhere that they prefer the mid-top region.
    Thanks a lot!
    Oooh, hadn't thought of that. Definitely a contender. How many would be the smallest group I could get away with?
  7. Al913

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    What type of cory? Some require cooler water :), also corys are a shoaling fish so you should have a minimum group of 6!

    As far as addtionaly fish rummy nose are a great option

    So you can do:
    10x rummynose tetras
    2x GBR
    6x warm water cory(aneus or sterbai)
  8. OP

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    I love how sterbei corries look! But I really don't like the look of the bronze ones .
    My lfs is getting peppered and slat and pepper corries. Will these not work?
  9. Al913

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    pepper like lower 70s and I believe the salt and pepper also like the lower 70s or at least not the high 70s. I suggest then if they have sterbais go for it!
  10. _IceFyre_

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    I think you are pretty much stocked as you are, mollies can get to 5+ inches and are huge waste producers. Even adding the cories would be pushing it. I wouldn't reccomend adding any more fish.
  11. Al913

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    Oops forgot about the mollies!

    Not all in fact most mollies don't get 5+ inches. Depending on te variety it gets between 3-5. The sail fins get 5 inches.
  12. Al913

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    Can you take a picture of the molly so that we can identify it :)
  13. OP

    JackyBNew MemberMember

    Sure thing!

    This is my yellow and black female (she's looking a bit plump and I think she might be pregnant, the male was harassing her last week but has pretty much stopped now)

    Here are the rest. The two lower ones are males (I know its supposed to be about 1 male to 3 females so but there was a misidentification at the lfs)
  14. Anders247

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    It looks like a sphenops to me, should get 3-4 inches.
  15. OP

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  16. aquatickeeper

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    Yeah, it's poecilia shenops