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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Raginraven, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. RaginravenNew MemberMember

    Hi I'd like to know if I would be able to get either a couple of mid swimming fish or a shoal of any besides neon tetras or swordtails and mollies for my 75 gallon tank.

    Currently I have:
    1 veiltail betta
    4 Bolivian rams
    1 Bronze Cory
    2 Agazzisi Corys
    8 Venezuelan Corys
    2 adf
    5 Kuhli loaches

    I have the tank at around 81.3-82.3
    And all readings are fine.

    Also to note that my main concerns is regarding betta and ram, however, the betta is really peaceful so there's no problem with him but I rather not have someone that would bother him. As the rams nor the frogs bother him. I was looking around for some 1-2" fish but I can't seem to find any ideas online so I wanted to ask here as I'm quite new with community tanks.

    Any suggestions really appreciated.
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  2. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to the forum :)

    You really can't predict what fish will bother your betta. Even its current tankmates can eventually stress him out if he decides he doesn't like having them in the same tank anymore. If you're concerned about your betta being stressed, why not just move him to a separate tank by himself?

    Also, your bronze and agassizi corys do best in groups of at least 6 of their own species. Further, the agazzisi and venezuelan corys need much cooler temps than what you are keeping the tank at. They like it around 74-75 and so do your rams. I would just keep the bronze corys and increase the shoal to at least 6. You can even get the albino and green color morphs since they are the same species as the bronze (aeneus).

    Also, ADFs do better in a species-only tank.

    As for mid dwelling schooling fish, what about rummy nose tetras, black neons or glowlight tetras?
  3. RaginravenNew MemberMember

    Thank you for the welcome ^^.

    I haven't thought of moving the betta because I have no space to put another tank, how long would it take for a betta to show stress signs since if that's the case I can try and buy him his own 5 gal at least and try to cram him somewhere in my room but so far he seems fine, The tank is heavily planted and with a lot of decor/hiding spots so he has a lot of space to even forget that there's other critters around. But now I'll considered that option as well.

    With the corys I can try to lower the temp but the bronze and Agazzisi were given to me by someone that had to get rid of his fishes so I only got those 3 that were housed on a 10 gal I think. They adapted well and tend to group with the venezuelan corys as they are still little. Would it be better to just take the 3 corys then? I have no space to put the 8 V corys and I'd rather keep them in the 75 as they're colorful.

    About the adf I heard about it but I also heard that as long as they're fed manually they can be housed on a community tank? My wife got them because she loves the frogs and altough I was hesitant at first they look like they adapted well so far. I'm still testing the waters with them tough as I wasn't really prepared for them but based on this set up, what would be the complications or stress signs for them as well?

    I checked the tetras you reccomended and they seem okay however I was looking for something a bit more colorful since the tank is big and I feel those tetras would just fade with the plants. Also are they hardy? I had bad experiences with tetras that no matter what I did would always die after a day even with perfect readings, temp and all.

    I saw cherry barbs being suggested somewhere but I feel they'll nip on the betta too much right?

    Also my wife wanted to add Shrimp but I feel there's no need plus the betta and rams can just eat them or injure them so I decided not to.
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  4. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    The reason your betta is probably fine with its current tankmates is because they are all bottom dwellers and pretty much stay out of its way. Once you start adding top/mid dwellers, you may see an issue. Personally, I think it's just better to have the betta on its own.

    Corys are naturally shoaling fish and do best in a group of at least 6+ of their own species. The bronze and agassizi are probably hanging out together with the venezuelans because they have no other choice. And again, 80 is just too warm for the agassizi and venezuelans which will result in shorter lifespans and other health issues. If you dropped the temp for them, then it would be too cool for the betta, adfs and possibly the loaches. So, really I would pick out the fish you really must have and choose temp compatible fish. Then either rehome the others or set up a separate tank for them.

    I believe cherry barbs would be ok. I think in a larger group, they shouldn't be nippy.

    It is possible the shrimp could be eaten, especially the smaller variety like the cherry shrimp. If you wanted to try shrimp, you can get larger ones like ghost shrimp or amano shrimp or at least provide a lot of plants like java moss and a driftwood for them to hide in.
  5. Vickygude1510Valued MemberMember

    I have had odessa barbs and they are extremely colourful when kept properly they are quite hardy i found. But they do need a temp of 21c-26c but they are worth it.
  6. RaginravenNew MemberMember

    Thanks again for all the input I did some
    research and I was able to figure that 76-77 degrees is the number all my fishes can live within with exception of the Venezuelan Corys -based on some articles 77 seems to be their max- so I'm gonna see if I can get a new tank as they are my fave Corys and find some other fishes for them. I'm gonna see if the betta does well within the community tank, he's been there for a while but as you said maybe once I get something else it'll be too stressful for him.

    I decided to get 10 cherry barbs and see how it goes.

    Thanks a lot for your input if anyone is interested on updates I can always try to post them here.

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