Micro Invertebrates infesting my tanks

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    I have a 55 gal cichlid tank. For about a year I've had a cloudiness in my tank that no amount of cleaning can get rid of. I was doing a water change and when the water level went down, stuck on the glass of the tank were thousands of moving white specs. I took out my phone and zoomed in. They are tiny invertebrates, by the best of my research. I thought it might be infected in one of my fish, however I recently set up a brand new 10gal guppie tank. Using the water from my tap. A week later. The same cloudiness. Same problem, thousands of living white specs. Could this... issue be coming from my water source? And how do I solve it? Please help. My fish can't happily live like this.
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    Those little inverts are usually not harmful to fish at all, in fact they can be a food source for them! The cloudiness, if it's related at all, may just be providing a food source for the inverts.

    I think the first thing to do is figure out why your tank is cloudy and deal with that and hopefully the little critters will go away on their own!

    What are the parameters in each of your tanks?

    What is the stocking in each?

    What kind of filtration?

    What kind of substrate?

    Any live plants?

    What are your tap water parameters?
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    Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. Do you have well water or city water?..Alison:;hi1