Mickey mouse platy

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    I have a yellow mickey mouse platy. His fins were pretty much clear when I got him about 3 months ago. My female platy is a red wag and they bred 12 frye. I have the frye in a breeder net and they are about 3 weeks old. Since I've had my frye my mickey has not acted the same. He acted very sick for about a week and got a little pale..was not very active and he is usually the most aggressive in the tank. He also looks a lot smaller. He is not acting sick anymore but still not as agressive. His main hobby was following my red wag around and he is back to that. I am concerned though because his once transparent fins are now red. He also is getting red spots on the top half of his back right under his fin. They are not raised bumps or anything so I don't understand what it could be. I also have 3 mollies in my tank but they do not pick at him at all. What could be going on?? I will try to add pics if I can figure out how
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