Metal Weights....leave On Or Take Off?


HI folks-

Struggling to find a clear answer on this matter. I have bought some rather large amazon swords online. They came with foam wrapped around the roots and a flexible lead(?) weight wrapped around the foam. Bought some jungle val that came the same way.

In the past, I took all of that off and buried the roots the best I could. But these plants are bigger and just will NOT stay down without the lead weights. What I have done is taken all the foam off, spread the roots out, and put the metal bands up a little higher, then buried the roots in the substrate (eco-complete). What I am hoping is that the plants will root and I can take the weights off. Does this sound like a plan? Anything I can do to speed the process?

Could I have just left everything as is? I have to imagine it would have rotted away or not grown well, but it seems to be pretty clear that they were growing like that at the supplier. The roots were pretty well ingrained with the foam.


I would get some larger rocks and put them around the base of the plants, works for me most times. The lead weights shouldn't hurt but it might be a pain to remove them w/o uprooting the plants.

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