Metal Stand Help

  1. Will170 Member Member

    I've never owned a metal stand before.. does the tank go on the top or on the bottom.

    Won't the tank be less stable if it's on the top?

    62be47550535c031c170c8c76f45e09f.jpg 8e9302a13b7377e7aaad7bdeab1a8337.jpg
  2. Supriyo Member Member

    It will not be less stable if it goes on the top. The water weight keeps it heavy and in position. make sure the stand is sturdy enough. I have seen people do 2 tanks, top and bottom together on similar stands like a rack.

  3. Will170 Member Member

    Thanks. I guess I just worry the the middle of the tank isn't being supported. Is it possible the glass on the bottom won't be supported enough if the tank is on top?
  4. Supriyo Member Member

    If the tank build (glasses and frames) are good enough you should not have a problem there. How big is the tank if may i ask and this tank stand. If nothing, you could get the stand modified a bit for the top if you want the tank there. Aesthetically, if you put nothing on top and tank on the bottom it wont look as good i think.

  5. Will170 Member Member

    The tank is 55 gallons and they stand for the tank(same idea as the one shown in the pics) is a 55 gallon stand I assume Bc the tank fits perfectly on top. When I got the tank and stand I assumed the tank went on the bottom but that doesn't seem right because there's no room for my HOB filters..
    So I can only assume the tank belongs on top.

    The stand in the picture is for a 29 gallon. The 29 gallon fits on the bottom and top of the stand in the pic.
    It even has room for hob filters on the bottom which is why I thought the 55 gallon stand would be the same way
  6. Supriyo Member Member

  7. Will170 Member Member

  8. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Are you sure the stand isn't upside down? I have one like that and the end that has the bars in the middle is the top for the tank to rest on. That way the ends and the middle of the tank are supported.
  9. Will170 Member Member

    You're probably right. It actually makes along of sense. That's how he set it down when he brought it over so i just left it like that .
  10. Supriyo Member Member

    Agreed some of the stands are like that. this one i think you could see the metal things inwards at the bottom of the picture to work as base support so i think it is standing correct.

    Oh well :) ... then i guess just flip it over. @Racing1113 thanks for pointing that out.

  11. Will170 Member Member

    I'll take two pics of the stand I'll be using.
  12. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Hahaha I would totally do something like that, no worries
  13. Will170 Member Member

    87577f377b913bde5b3971955a9ed166.jpg 39415ac6dcc878bb725a28cc5a8f8c3a.jpg

    That's the way I have it.

    e71700256d8180e9f33cf7669149f242.jpg dfd2eb2dc1f8f925dc964f543ad87f9a.jpg
    And this is upside down
  14. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Ohhh ok. Never mind then, I guess it was right with the little shelf on bottom. Now that I see if the other way I can definitely tell that the shelf end has legs.
  15. Supriyo Member Member

    Time to go for the DIY :D
  16. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Agreed! I'm sure technically it would hold the weight but I'd be nervous having such a big tank supported only around the edges lol
  17. Will170 Member Member

    Funny thing is it really looks like if I left it upside down it would support 600 lbs better than right side up.
    I mean it doesn't look as pleasing upside down but it looks safer to me Atleast
  18. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Stupic question of me : shouldn't it be put upside down. What worries me the foot seems to be smaller than the topshelf.
    I would be worried it to turn over cause of that. Besides of that is seems to be extra strengened at the lowest shelf to carry extra weight.

    My English might sound a little odd (like Arnold Schwarzenegger) but that's cause I am Dutch which makes it diffucult to choose the right words hahaha. I'll be back !
  19. Will170 Member Member

    No worries on the English! I understood it
    I'm thinking the same thing myself.
    If I leave it upside down the weight should be evenly distributed on to the base instead of at 4 points.
    And the tank itself would seem to be better supported by the 2 crossbars

    I can put some wood inside the base and make it into a shelf.
  20. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Yeah and the base would be wider than the topself. It won't tumble over then.