Merry Christmas Shrimpies!!!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Invertebrates' started by Tonia, Dec 18, 2012.

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    My amazing and wonderful husband bought me a lovely Fluval Flora Desktop aquarium as an early Christmas gift :;santaclaus that we have set up for our RCS. It is gorgeous and the shrimp seem to be in shrimpy heaven. Already, some have dropped shrimplets for me and everyone is settling in nicely.

    The first 2 days that it was set up, they kinda hid on the foam rock wall background pretending that they were rocks, but now everyone is happily wandering about their home.

    I will try to get some pics of it posted, it came with a light, fluval nano filter (turned off atm for the sake of the shrimpies) the background, and even fluval substrate for the plants. I used already cycled water and filter media to get it going and the sponge filter from their previous tank, plus the plants that were jam packed in the previous tank to help them feel happier.

    What can I say, I've infected my dear husband with the fish loving addiction and now he's talking about wanting an 85gallon corner bow front tank set up as a community habitat!
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    Pictures please!! Oh and Congrats - nice addition I am sure.
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    Congrats! I have never heard of that tank but i am totally Googling it now ;)
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    Good morning,

    Very nice! :) Have fun with your new tank.

    Happy Holidays! candycane2.gif

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    Congrats!!!! Yay!!!

    Welcome to the Shrimp tank club!!!
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    Great photo! It is always great when you rope someone else into this incredible past-time :)

    My RCS were wary in their new environment at first, now they are on every surface. Glad to hear you have shrimplets too!