Melanotaenia parkinsoni, Melanotaenia maccullochi andBedotia geayi

  1. cwb141

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    I've seen that a lot of people have had Melanotaenia boesemani and Melanotaenia praecox (Neon) but does anyone have experience with the rainbows mentioned in the title? They're Parkinson's, McCulloch's, and Madagascar respectively.

    I've read a lot about them and am just wondering if anyone has any pointers for someone who is thinking about getting some in the future. Is it safe to stock rainbows 2M to 2F, or should there be more females? I've read that it's safer to always have more females, but also that you can stock 1:1.

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  2. steed1172

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    no expert with rainbows.. but when it says 1-1 stocking its not a ratio it just 2 fish one being male one being female, i think you should have like 2 per male if you get more then one male, or 2M and 3F, as some breeds of fish like to get greedy with the girls ;)... so its probably possible to stock 2-2 but theres a chance it might not work. again im no expert on rainbows, just using what i know from other breeds.