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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by hollie1505, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    Hi there :)

    I have three angels and two gold rams in a fully cycled 75 gallon (0amm, 0ites, 5ates, ph 6.6, temp 85f). they have been in the 75 gallon since i bought them as they were in the same tank in the LFS but i do have a 10G QT and a 25G empty that i could turn into a QT if needed.

    i chose these fish BECAUSE they looked a little bedraggled. I am a fan of the underdog and wanted to help these poor animals if I could. The rams were being picked on by fish in the LFS. I didn't see the angels being picked on but they were all hiding. I have had them for about three weeks.

    All three angels have dorsal fins like free willy.
    One of the angels has bent feelers, one feeler about half the length it should be, one about quarter the length it should be.
    Both rams have chunks missing out of their anal fins.
    One of the rams has a small chunk missing from it's pectoral fin.

    The fish are fed 6 days a week on a awide variety of foods (cichlid pellets, tropical flakes, daphnia, brine shrimp, bloodworm, tubifex, spirulina, earth worm pellets and occasionally algae wafers) one day dosed with Garlic Guard, the next with Vitachem.

    I use Prime water conditioner and do 25% water changes every day to keep the water pristine to help with the fin damage. None of the damage appears sore, red, white, fungusy (i think i just made that word up!) they just look like old injuries... although i have never come across the bent fins before. They are all acting normally (although, i have never seen them without this damage to be 100% sure), eating well and don't appear ill or stressed in any way (other than the zebra angel looses it's stripes when i do water changes, but they come back within minutes of the change being completed). The Gold rams have amazing colouration and haven't lost any colour since gaining it.

    As I have only been treating them with pristine water for three weeks i am unsure whether I have given ample enough time for the water to 'work it's magic' or whether i should start them on a treatment of melafix? Is there anything else i can/should do for them? Does anyone have any advice? Can I even recover the free willy fins?

    I am not treating them because they look in bad shape to my eye. I have fallen in love.... I am treating them to make them better. if none of these issues can be fixed, i don't care as long as the fish are as happy and healthy as can be.

    I really appreciate any advice as this is my first time keeping angels and rams.

    thank you.x

  2. Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    Pristine water > Melafix IMHO
    As long as there is no infections, I would not add anything to the water to treat them.

  3. HarlebleondoraWell Known MemberMember

    A little bit of mlafix won't hurt imo. Should calm them down as well as helping them heal. Keep up the water changes. I can't help you with the bent fins, never heard of it.
  4. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    It does say on the back that you can use it when you get new fish for disease prevention and to help them heal but i'm not one to throw in all sorts of chemicals over keeping the tank clean.

    however, i also bought a GBR at the time who wasn't anywhere near as tatty but she sadly died yesterday which makes me lean towards using the melafix.

    i am still unsure what to do, so i might sleep on it... maybe for a few nights. of course, i am keeping an eye on them so if anything changes i shall proceed with the treatment. my main concern is them going the same path as the GBR (although she started to hide away a few days ago and i thought nothing of it, like an idiot!) but the platinum angel, Sid's feelers also have me concerned as when my DG arrived his were teeny and grew to an inch and a half in a week.

    thank you both for your responses...
    decidions, decisions!xx
  5. 5thgradeguppyraiserWell Known MemberMember

  6. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    hi there :) i am leaning towards using the melafix to be honest!

    can i ask;

    why specifically the rams? i only ask because the angels look much worse off than the rams.
    do you mean to separate them and treat them separately?
    if i am going to treat them all with melafix could i keep them together?

    thank you.xx
  7. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    If they're all banged up, but all getting along, I wouldn't worry about separating anybody. Honestly I don't know if melafix will help, but it won't hurt. It's not a chemical like you wondered before, it's a natural remedy and won't cause damage or stress like medications will.

    As for the bent/broken fins: I don't know about the free willy dorsals, but for the bent and broken ventral fins, don't worry about it. I keep a few species of wild betta and the wild caught ones that I have all have damaged ventrals. Vents are the first thing to get banged up on a fish. They may not bend back, unbreak (I think if the angles are sharp the fins are actually broken) etc, but the fish can lead a full and healthy life regardless.

    I would think that the dorsal fins and even some of the damage to the lower fins will straighten itself out a bit as the fish grow. Regrowing their fins may take some time, but it will happen eventually with clean water and a good diet :)
  8. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    thanks junebug you've cleared a lot of my concerns up there. if they are healthy i will continue with the clean water, i may do a course of melafix but if the damage is permanent, no amount of melafix will fix it so i may just keep up the water changes :)
  9. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    :) Clean water goes a looooong way for fixing what can be fixed :)
  10. 5thgradeguppyraiserWell Known MemberMember

    Never mind. I must have been thinking of fin rot.
  11. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    no worries, thanks for your advice anyway. it's much appreciated :)

    here is a picture of Stan, my angel with the most extensive dorsal damage, you can see why he's nicknamed free willy here...

    GetAttachment (27).jpg

    does this look 'fixable'? painful? does this change anyone's opinions on my course of treatment? thank you.x

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