Melafix for regrowing Cory fins?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by trijohn, Dec 29, 2012.

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    My albino Cory has his top dorsal fins down to nubs. I don't see any spots or discoloration on his body that would indicate fungus. Been doing 20% water changes three times a week and using stress coat+ but no improvement. He's still very active. Eats, swims around. But he'll breathe really hard at times and position himself in ways that make me think that he's dead but then he swims away. No problems with any of the other fish in my 10

    Bought some melafix to help regrow the fins. Is it safe to use on my whole tank? Or do i need to quarantine the Cory? And can I use it together with stress coat+? Stats in signature. Water readings are 0,0,4.Tank is cycled.
    I've had this Cory for several months now.
  2. beginner

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    i'm gonna recommend you up those water changers to 50 to 75 percent and dnt use melafix!!!!
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    First and foremost, no need for the melefix. It doesn't promote or help fin growth. It fights bacterial and fungal infections. Unless you have that going on, don't bother with it. Also, not sure if it is safe with cory as they are a catfish species.

    Second, and more importantly, ill put money on the serpae being the problem. They are a semi-aggressive species that are well known for nipping fins. They require schools of at least 6-8 and a tank that is at least 29-30gallons. They shouldn't be kept with guppies either, their fins are easy to tear. The cory are also a schooling species that should be kept in groups of 5 of their own kind in a tank of 20 gallons. The cramped conditions and improper school size's in the 10gal are more then likely stressing the serpae out and causing them to get a bit agitated.
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    I don't think its the tetras. This cory has had fin problems before they came in recently. I've been doing the water change and stress coat routine for a while and there hasn't been improvement. The serpae have been peaceful so far. Nothing wrong with the guppy fins and the other cory has been ok. I'm starting to believe water quality issues from a while back might be the cause.