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Pictures on request, just let me know what you wanna see.

Shipping is $7.50 flat, insulated priority. Plants may include snail/snail eggs, we dip them but sometimes they slip by. Possibility of duckweed or other plant hitchhikers as well so prep well.

Free snail! Your choice of a random colored mystery snail or olive nerite snail with each order!

Willow moss - Golf ball sized portion $2, buy 2 get 1 free. (If you only want moss I can ship this cheaply via first class)
Water sprite- Potted, large plants, 1' tall or more. $4.50 each
Dwarf lily plants, nice, red/yellow in color $2.50 each
Hygro "Kompakt" in pots- $4.50 Not all that "compact", stems are 4-6" tall.
Giant microsword $4.50
Flexible java moss vine ~7" $4.50
Ground cover-
Lobelia cardinalis (small form) $2.00 per stem
Dwarf hairgrass 2" pot $4.50
Microsword (lilaeopsis brasiliensis) $4.50 per 2" pot
Dwarf baby tears in 2" net pot $4.50
Dwarf marsilea (marsilea crenata) in 2" pot $4.50
Glosso in pot $4.50
Dwarf pennywort in pot (hydrocotyle sibthorpiodes) $4.50
DHG/HC 3x5 mats $12 (coming soon)

Bunch plants are typically 4-6 stems unless otherwise noted.
Brazilian pennywort $3 per bunch
Hornwort $2.50 per bunch
Cabomba caroliniana $2.50 per bunch
"red" myrio (looks more green to me, pinkish colored stem) $3/bunch
Golden nesaea $3/bunch
Giant Hygro (emersed growth) $3/bunch (3 stems per bunch)
Water wisteria $3/bunch (3 stems per bunch)
Hygro balsamica $3/bunch (3 stems per bunch)
Potamogeton gayI $3/bunch
Ludwigia repens broad leaf $3/bunch
Myrio mattogrossense $3/bunch

Floaters -
Duckweed $2 per 1/2c portion
Azolla caroliniana aka water fern $3 per 1/2 portion
Amazon frogbit $.50 per plant
Red root floater $1 per plant (only a few available)
Frog's bit (limnobium spongia) $2 per plant
Ludwigia sedioides aka mosaic plant $4 per bunch (3 stems per bunch)
Salvinia minima 1/2c portion $2

Crypts-In 2" net pots
C.wendtiI green $5
C.wendtiI red $5 (looks green because it's emersed grown, turns red when transitioned to submersed)
C.wendtiI brown $5
C.undulata $5
C.PetchiI $4

Vals/Sag -
Val/Sag deal - Buy 10 get 2 free, mix and match is fine!
Italian val $1/each
Jungle val $1/each
Red Jungle val $1/each (these look just like regular jungle val but the tops turn a darker color under high light
Corkscrew val $1/each
Contortion val $1/each

Narrow leaf sagittaria ~4" tall $1 each
Dwarf sag $2-3" tall $.75/each


Anubias hastifolia - potted, nice arrowhead leaves, ~6-8" tall $6
Anubias barterI v nana, nice big plants, 6"+ tall 3 or more leaves $5
Anubias nangI - newer anubias species, looks great, ~4-5" tall $5
Anubias nana 'petite'- Tiny plant, approx the size of a quarter. $6

Rubin sword - potted, 8" or so tall. Great root systems, super healthy $6
Red Flame sword- potted 8" tall. Healthy and looking great $6
Radican sword - 12"+ tall, some are already sending out runners $5.50
Marble radican sword - smaller, 3-4" tall, nice mottling, $3.75
Red melon sword - potted, 6+" tall, nice. $4
Rosette sword- 4-6" Nice low growing sword $3
Ruffle sword- 4-6" Another good low grower $3
Amazon sword- 4-6" Classic staple plant $3
Kleiner prinz - German for "little prince" ~4" tall
Growing submerged, stripped old leaves so plants are relatively small. Limited quantities $4
Uruguayensis - narrow leaves, ~4" tall, small sword plant $3

Questionable availability on the following:
Crypt parva pots $4.50/each
Crypt wendtiI "Florida Sunset" $10
Rotala magenta $3/bunch
Diandra $3/bunch
Narrow leaf ludwigia $3/bunch
Myrio tuberculatum "Red" $3/bunch
Narrow leaf temple $3/bunch
Cabomba Furcata $3/bunch

Dwarf hairgrass on 3x5 coco mat $12
Dwarf baby tears on 3x5 coco mat $12 (you can see both of these on some of my recent videos in the signature link below)

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jetajockey I'm interested in:
Red root floater $1 per plant (only a few available)
Ludwigia sedioides aka mosaic plant $4 per bunch (3 stems per bunch)
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L.sedioides is completely sold out but should have more in a few days.
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What about the red root floater?
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Have approximately 10 or so plants currently.
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do you still have the baby tears? what is the lily like? please PM me
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We do have dwarf baby tears in pots. One of the pics up top are of some of the lily plants. They usually have 4 or so pads on them. The lilies tend to get beat up a bit in shipping since they are fragile, but I always send them with new shoots coming up so they will start looking good again in just a day or two.
Shea Loner
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What is the plant 3rd photo down?
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What is the plant 3rd photo down?
I believe it is frogbit but I'm not jetajockey

Sorry Shea Loner, after googling I think it's the ludwigia sediodes. Maybe we should wait for jetajockey to confirm lol
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Good morning,

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Yes it's L.sedioides aka mosaic plant. Should have more next week sometime. It's not a true floater, it has a stem that roots into substrate and then the plant reaches up to the surface. I think they are underutilized and add a nice extra dimension to topless tanks and ponds. I will update when I find out availability.
Shea Loner
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Thank you. I'll be looking to stock my 5 gal soon and your site seems one of the best deals around.

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