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Meet Red Sea!

The story:
Back in February, we lost my son's betta Blue Ocean to a tumor. It took a long time for my son to get over it (and he still misses Ocean), but he knew right away that we should get another betta someday. At the beginning of this month I got a new 15g setup as part of an AGA aquascaping workshop I participated in, and knew from the minute we lost Ocean that this would be the home for our son's new betta. So I designed it what in mind: betta friendly rocks, driftwood and plants. Lots of places for him to explore, hide and rest. Hope you all approve!

It finished cycling, so I planned to take my son to the lfs this weekend to look through their bettas for the one he liked best...but then fate intervened. I had to get a new heater for it, so I stopped off at another lfs for that and some moss. This place is really good for plants and for other kinds of fish, but their bettas always look pretty sad. Usually I walk right by. But on impulse I stopped... and this boy swam right towards me, glared and basically said "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"... so I did. My son decided to name him Red Sea (I was leaning towards Flamenco myself, because he swirls and dances )

He has some fin damage I'm hoping heals now that he's in a good place. And I'm not sure what kind he is/will be when they do recover. Any thoughts? He is red with blue scales on his body (I didn't capture those very well). Here's some pictures of him flaring, to help.



And finally... our cat Sable is not sure what to make of a fish in his water bowl, but I'm sure he'll learn to live with it The lid needs some modifications to fit around the driftwood sticking up, but that will be done tonight. After that, there is a large central hole, but I can cover that with some plexiglass to keep Sable out, and Sea in


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It all looks fantastic. He will be a happy camper.

A relative is giving me her Betta, which I will place in a 7.5
Gallon aquarium I am moving my shrimp from.

The shrimps tank is heavily grown in. Do you think I should thin it out a bit first? Also, is it big enough?
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