meet pierce the newest member of my family

  1. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    hey guys this is my newest betta pierce, he is what i believe to be a spade tail but he is a little too beat up to tell right now although his tail gives the general shape. he is a bi color may be butterfly but the top fin is a little more red dominant. he is about an inch and a half big and he is very petite in size. i wasnt expecting to get a betta today but they were having a $1.00 off sale at my lps so i went to look around and seen many beautiful bettas but didnt have any money with me so that i couldnt buy one. later that day my mom goes into the store and bring pierce back with her so now he is mine. :) he sure is a beauty and if he is a spade tail he is a catch too but id be happy either way!
    photo (7).JPG
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Love his colouring, it'll probably get even better too once he's out of that cup & settled in, don't forget to update with more pics :)
  3. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    will do i just introduced him to the tank its a planted 3 gallon
  4. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    releaseing pierce into tank photo 1 (15).JPG photo 2 (15).JPG photo 3 (8).JPG photo 4 (4).JPG photo 5 (2).JPG
  5. Nuthatch Member Member

    He must think he's died & gone to heaven. :D
  6. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    i guess its a bit scary now that i think about it... i got a new betta today and lost my favorite old one...
  7. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    Pierce is gorgeous and I am sure he will love that nice new space. I can't wait to see how he develops for you. Sorry to hear about your loss, lollipop. I hope Pierce will help ease the empty space that has been left in your heart.
  8. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    ya pierce is cool he hides when i walk near the tank than pops hes head out and runs after me. he got a lot of personality and i think hes pretty young too i hope his tail heals well :) surely he will ease my pain and come to love me but no fish can replace moonshine. i have moonshines babies still so i will make sure they grow up good!
  9. Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    He is beautiful!
  10. Nuthatch Member Member

    Oh , did I stick my foot in my mouth! All I meant was that Pierce is in such a wonderful place now, compared to a tiny cup in a pet store. I apologize for any pain I may have caused you. :(
  11. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    naw its fine it was just a bit ironic uk?
  12. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    update on pierce he loves his new home and is always flareing at me to get my attention. he tried to take a pellet out of my hand and his colors brightened up so much at first i thought he was red and brown now hes red and bright orange! photo 3 (9).JPG photo 4 (5).JPG
  13. Clement Chee Initiate Member

    Why is there a huge difference in its color from now and when you first brought him home?
  14. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    ya he was light brown colored and light faded red now he is almost like a fire red and burnt sunset orange with a slight blue accent on the edge of his scales i didnt even notice the blue before

    before photo (7).JPG

    after photo 3 (9).JPG
  15. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    He is stunning!

    Lots of fish loose their colour when stressed and Bettas are sort of known for colour changing throughout their life :)
  16. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    yep fun little fish but im suprized he got so much color over night usually it takes a few days for them to settle in but he was right at home from day one
  17. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    You're obviously a lovely water mummy then :)
  18. mg13 Well Known Member Member


    he is gorgious!!!!!

    so colorful!!

    I guess If you want someone (or something) to change, it won't but if you don't want them too, they will.

    that's what happened to my boy, he was a pale blue on the body in the store, and when I moved him into the tank he was fully blue and I seriously though I had problems, with my eyes, or maybe the store lights did that, I know a lot more now, but I was quite surprised...

  19. lollipopkiller Well Known Member Member

    yep they are always a mystery i love them and it looks like hes shaping up to be a spade tail :)