Meet Franklin


My husband is shaking his head at me and though ive sworn off bettas... here we are.

Ive lost every betta we have had, the longest living 6 months (lost one in a week to columnaris, one uexpectedly with unknown causes, and the female longest lived to dropsy). I'm nervous this one is going to end badly as well, but I wanted to try one last time.

Hes in our 20H with 2 mollies, 5 skirt tetras, and 1 platy. Hes settling in, though a bit overwhelmed by the new fish, but so far the boss of the tank accepts him (youd think its the other way around)

Hes got a "nemo fin". One of his pectoral fins is really tiny compared to the other one, and narrower.

Last photo is him meeting the boss, Cookie the molly, while acclimating. Shes the boss, everyone listens to Cookie.



A beauty. Good luck with him!
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